About Melissa Lovy

From a young age Melissa aimed to combine the strengths of her parents; her father’s business prowl and her mother’s design and creative sense. Melissa’s start in jewelry began as a teenager when she created cufflinks for her father to wear to work. Within days she was selling these cufflinks to friends and admirers of her work. Melissa went on to receive her Associate’s degree in Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Sy Syms School of Business. The launch of Melissa Lovy represents the combination of Melissa’s love of jewelry with her business background as well as more than eight years of experience.   
The motto of the Lovy Lady, ‘when two wardrobes collide’ aims to show the versatility and mass appeal of Melissa’s work. Her jewelry connects generations through its classic shapes and allows the customer to stack and create their own look for modern customization.
Philanthropy is extremely important to this young entrepreneur, and Melissa will collaborate with various organizations to partner and donate to aide in Skin Cancer research. The collections will infuse aspects of this commitment as Melissa is dedicated to spreading awareness of Skin Cancer and how we can prevent and protect ourselves.